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VFR - Iceland

VFR - Iceland


Hello and welcome to our new OEO-VFR Iceland Tour, accompanying the MSFS Iceland Tour-Activity.

WARNING (for P3D & XP users): Please check before the tour if the airports here are in your Sim. They are in MSFS but i dont know if they appear in other sims.

You can download the MSFS-Trip here:


The tour leads you around Iceland, over mountains, volcanos, glaciers, lakes and green fields. The natural variation is high in Iceland and especially with MSFS you can experience like never before.

In MSFS the tour is limited to the Cessna Skyhawk 172 G1000. If you fly in P3D or XP only you can choose from a few more planes.

In the MSFS Tour you can change your weather as you wish. I suggest to use realworld-weather for the best experience.

Enjoy the trip!

Important: There was no Auto-Award when i made the tour. Please contact me to get the badge when finished.!

Start Date:02.02.2021
Allowed Aircraft Types:B350, C152, C172, C182, C208, DA42, DA62, KODI, PA24, PA28

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 BIBA Bakki Airport BISL Skaftafell Airport 00:15:05 N/A
2 BISL Skaftafell Airport BIHN Hornafjordur Airport 00:08:14 N/A
3 BIHN Hornafjordur Airport BIEG Egilsstaðir Airport 00:10:38 N/A
4 BIEG Egilsstaðir Airport BIVO Vopnafjörður Airport 00:04:48 N/A
5 BIVO Vopnafjörður Airport BIAR Akureyri Airport 00:13:33 N/A
6 BIAR Akureyri Airport BIKR Sauðárkrókur Airport 00:06:21 N/A
7 BIKR Sauðárkrókur Airport BIGR Grímsey Airport 00:10:38 N/A
8 BIGR Grímsey Airport BIIS Ísafjörður Airport 00:21:36 N/A
9 BIIS Ísafjörður Airport BIPA Patreksfjordur Airport 00:06:10 N/A
10 BIPA Patreksfjordur Airport BIRE Reykhólar Airport 00:07:33 N/A
11 BIRE Reykhólar Airport BIDA Dagverðará Airport 00:09:46 N/A
12 BIDA Dagverðará Airport BIKF Keflavik International Airport 00:09:15 N/A

Tour Map

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Leg Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft Completed
12 OEO0538 FS Ikarus BIKF Keflavik International Airport 11.08.2021 C172 yes
12 OEO0542 Winfried Schneider BIKF Keflavik International Airport 13.08.2021 C172 yes
0 OEO0674 Irnack IBRAHIM BIBA Bakki Airport 04.08.2021 C172
12 OEO1097 Roland Peter BIKF Keflavik International Airport 23.07.2021 C172 yes