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Australia&New Zealand&Oceania IFR Tour

Australia&New Zealand&Oceania IFR Tour



Start Date:07.01.2019
Allowed Aircraft Types:A20N, A318, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A343, A346, A350, A359, A388, A400, AN2, B712, B721, B722, B732, B733, B736, B737, B738, B739, B73F, B73M, B744, B748, B74F, B74H, B74Y, B752, B753, B75F, B763, B76F, B77F, B77L, B77W, B788, B789, CL30, CRJ7, CRJ9, CRJX, DC4, E190, E195, EA50, EA55, F100, LEG2, LJ35, MD11, MD82, MD83, MD88, PC12, PIPA, SU95, T154, TBM8, TGM8

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 YBBN Brisbane Airport YPDN Darwin International Airport 04:23:50 N/A
2 YPDN Darwin International Airport YMHB Hobart Airport 05:46:17 N/A
3 YMHB Hobart Airport YPPH Perth Airport 04:39:05 N/A
4 YPPH Perth Airport YAYE Ayers Rock Connellan Airport 02:32:14 N/A
5 YAYE Ayers Rock Connellan Airport YBWX Barrow Island Airport 02:33:46 N/A
6 YBWX Barrow Island Airport YMML Melbourne Airport 05:13:43 N/A
7 YMML Melbourne Airport YBPN Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport 02:59:50 N/A
8 YBPN Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport YMEK Meekatharra Airport 04:49:12 N/A
9 YMEK Meekatharra Airport YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport 04:58:17 N/A
10 YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport YBTL Townsville Airport 02:36:31 N/A
11 YBTL Townsville Airport YBRM Broome International Airport 03:59:29 N/A
12 YBRM Broome International Airport YPKG Kalgoorlie Boulder Airport 02:12:21 N/A
13 YPKG Kalgoorlie Boulder Airport YMLT Launceston Airport 03:59:29 N/A
14 YMLT Launceston Airport YBAS Alice Springs Airport 05:01:12 N/A
15 YBAS Alice Springs Airport YMAV Avalon Airport 02:53:19 N/A
16 YMAV Avalon Airport YGEL Geraldton Airport 04:31:22 N/A
17 YGEL Geraldton Airport YTEF Telfer Airport 01:40:58 N/A
18 YTEF Telfer Airport YBMA Mount Isa Airport 02:45:46 N/A
19 YBMA Mount Isa Airport YCOM Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport 03:02:03 N/A
20 YCOM Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport YPWR Woomera Airfield 01:56:34 N/A
21 YPWR Woomera Airfield YMAY Albury Airport 01:40:27 N/A
22 YMAY Albury Airport YPED RAAF Base Edinburgh 01:11:19 N/A
23 YPED RAAF Base Edinburgh YBMK Mackay Airport 02:48:51 N/A
24 YBMK Mackay Airport YCIN RAAF Base Curtin 04:08:34 N/A
25 YCIN RAAF Base Curtin YPLM Learmouth Airport 01:45:36 N/A
26 YPLM Learmouth Airport YPGV Gove Airport 04:05:19 N/A
27 YPGV Gove Airport YMMI Murrin Murrin Airport 03:41:29 N/A
28 YMMI Murrin Murrin Airport YGTE Groote Eylandt Airport 03:25:43 N/A
29 YGTE Groote Eylandt Airport YBHI Broken Hill Airport 03:11:19 N/A
30 YBHI Broken Hill Airport NFFN Nadi International Airport 06:04:07 N/A
31 NFFN Nadi International Airport NVVV Port Vila Bauerfield Airport 01:29:19 N/A
32 NVVV Port Vila Bauerfield Airport NWWW La Tontouta International Airport 00:48:51 N/A
33 NWWW La Tontouta International Airport YSNF Norfolk Island International Airport 01:14:03 N/A
34 YSNF Norfolk Island International Airport NZWP RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai 01:38:24 N/A
35 NZWP RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai NZCH Christchurch International Airport 01:10:48 N/A
36 NZCH Christchurch International Airport NZQN Queenstown International Airport 00:32:03 N/A
37 NZQN Queenstown International Airport NZAA Auckland Airport 01:34:48 N/A
38 NZAA Auckland Airport NZWN Wellington International Airport 00:44:24 N/A
39 NZWN Wellington International Airport NZDN Dunedin Airport 00:58:27 N/A
40 NZDN Dunedin Airport YDPO Devonport Airport 03:03:05 N/A
41 YDPO Devonport Airport YARG Argyle Airport 04:58:27 N/A
42 YARG Argyle Airport YBCG Gold Coast Airport 04:25:22 N/A
43 YBCG Gold Coast Airport YBWG Bronzewing Airport 04:54:51 N/A
44 YBWG Bronzewing Airport YCCY Cloncurry Airport 03:15:15 N/A
45 YCCY Cloncurry Airport YBRY Barimunya Airport 03:24:51 N/A
46 YBRY Barimunya Airport YPKA Karratha Airport 00:30:31 N/A
47 YPKA Karratha Airport YSTW Tamworth Airport 05:31:22 N/A
48 YSTW Tamworth Airport YMES RAAF Base East Sale 01:18:41 N/A
49 YMES RAAF Base East Sale YPAD Adelaide Airport 01:18:10 N/A
50 YPAD Adelaide Airport YNWN Newman Airport 03:25:12 N/A
51 YNWN Newman Airport YPPD Port Hedland International Airport 00:33:05 N/A
52 YPPD Port Hedland International Airport YPBO Paraburdoo Airport 00:29:50 N/A
53 YPBO Paraburdoo Airport YPTN Tindal Airport 02:47:50 N/A
54 YPTN Tindal Airport YBCS Cairns International Airport 02:14:34 N/A
55 YBCS Cairns International Airport YEML Emerald Airport 01:12:31 N/A
56 YEML Emerald Airport YBNA Ballina Byron Gateway Airport 01:13:22 N/A
57 YBNA Ballina Byron Gateway Airport YLRE Longreach Airport 01:42:00 N/A
58 YLRE Longreach Airport YTMO The Monument Airport 00:44:34 N/A
59 YTMO The Monument Airport YTNK Tennant Creek Airport 00:59:29 N/A
60 YTNK Tennant Creek Airport YPKU Kununurra Airport 01:06:41 N/A
61 YPKU Kununurra Airport YPEA RAAF Base Pearce 03:22:07 N/A
62 YPEA RAAF Base Pearce YSCB Canberra International Airport 04:45:46 N/A

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Leg Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft Completed
17 OEO0538 FS Ikarus YTEF Telfer Airport 08.01.2019 A320
4 OEO0539 Fredrik Ringheim YAYE Ayers Rock Connellan Airport 14.01.2019 B738
0 OEO0542 Winfried Schneider YBBN Brisbane Airport 08.01.2019 A320
0 OEO0693 Christian Erkens YBBN Brisbane Airport 11.01.2019 A319