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Cargo-Hops: EU

Cargo-Hops: EU


Welcome to our new Cargo-Tour.

For the haulers among you, another alternative to bring the goods in the right places. We have Christmas at least, right?

Most of the flights are or were real cargo flights and can be found in either ProjectFly or other flighttrackers. For example the first ones are AirBridgeCargo flights, usually done in a 747-400F or 747-8F. There are also UPS, Cathay Pacific, Fedex, Kalitta and other carriers found doing these routes. Some routes used the 777F, some the 757F, some other airframes.

Fell free to take what you like just please make sure it is a cargo plane.

Have fun on the trip through Europe.

Start Date:17.12.2018
Allowed Aircraft Types:A20N, A318, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A343, A346, A350, A359, A388, A400, B712, B721, B722, B72F, B732, B733, B736, B737, B738, B739, B73F, B73M, B744, B748, B74F, B74H, B74Y, B752, B753, B75F, B763, B76F, B77F, B77L, B77W, B788, B789, CONI, CRJ7, CRJ9, CRJX, DC3, DC3F, DC4, DC6, DH8D, E190, E195, EA50, EA55, F100, LJ35, MD11, MD82, MD83, MD88, PC12, PIPA, SU95, T154, TBM8

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 EGNX East Midlands Airport EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport 00:38:24 N/A
2 EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport LIMC Milan Malpensa Airport 01:13:43 N/A
3 LIMC Milan Malpensa Airport UUEE Sheremetyevo International Airport 03:32:34 N/A
4 UUEE Sheremetyevo International Airport EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport 02:39:15 N/A
5 EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport EDDM Munich Airport 00:31:43 N/A
6 EDDM Munich Airport EGLL London Heathrow Airport 01:27:05 N/A
7 EGLL London Heathrow Airport LTFJ Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport 03:56:03 N/A
8 LTFJ Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport UBBB Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport 02:41:29 N/A
9 UBBB Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport LOWW Vienna International Airport 04:16:27 N/A
10 LOWW Vienna International Airport LEMD Madrid Barajas Airport 02:46:58 N/A
11 LEMD Madrid Barajas Airport EBBR Brussels Airport 02:01:33 N/A
12 EBBR Brussels Airport ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 01:42:51 N/A
13 ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport 01:38:34 N/A
14 EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport 00:35:50 N/A
15 LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport EDDF Frankfurt Airport 00:41:19 N/A
16 EDDF Frankfurt Airport EGSS London Stansted Airport 00:57:05 N/A
17 EGSS London Stansted Airport ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 00:45:15 N/A

Tour Map

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Leg Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft Completed
2 OEO0532 Michael W LIMC Milan Malpensa Airport 21.12.2018 B77F
0 OEO0536 Ted Barker EGNX East Midlands Airport 19.12.2018 AN2
17 OEO0538 FS Ikarus ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 30.12.2018 B77F yes
17 OEO0539 Fredrik Ringheim ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 30.12.2018 B77F yes
17 OEO0542 Winfried Schneider ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 27.12.2018 B77F yes
2 OEO0547 Alex Mustermann LIMC Milan Malpensa Airport 17.12.2018 B748
0 OEO0582 Mark Lindley EGNX East Midlands Airport 18.12.2018 B75F
17 OEO0622 Adrian Berger ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 23.08.2019 B74F yes
17 OEO0674 Irnack IBRAHIM ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 19.04.2019 B77F yes
17 OEO0682 Thomas Gröner ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 18.12.2018 B75F yes
6 OEO0687 Frank Herter EGLL London Heathrow Airport 21.02.2020 B738
17 OEO0693 Christian Erkens ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 19.12.2018 AN2 yes
4 OEO0766 Ted Belas EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport 25.12.2018 B74F
17 OEO0788 David Knoll ELLX Luxembourg Findel Airport 19.12.2018 B74F yes
17 OEO0796 Christoph Meyer EGSS London Stansted Airport 07.01.2019 B74F yes
0 OEO0806 Henrik Lieb EGNX East Midlands Airport 04.06.2019 A20N
0 OEO0824 Sven Boxx EGNX East Midlands Airport 02.01.2020 A320
0 OEO0889 Erik Hart EGNX East Midlands Airport 31.03.2020 B76F
0 OEO0948 Diego Schegg EGNX East Midlands Airport 05.02.2020 B75F
4 OEO1006 Harald Haunschmid EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport 22.05.2020 B75F