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One Engine Out Airways Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at One Engine Out Airways.

1) General

1.1) Everyone is welcome in our Virtual Airline
1.2) Everyone behave respectful to each other.
1.3) This VA has no place for racism, politics, or adult content.
1.4) Have fun!
1.5) All Dokuments who are provided by OneEngineOut Airways are free to use, please respekt copyrights. Please do not share or upload the documents, just share the link to our Page.

2) Online Flights

2.1) Fly whereever you want, with ever you want. But PLEASE, if you fly on an online Network like VATSIM or IVAO: Please respect there Rules and try to bahave professional. Follow always instructions of Supervisor's or ATC. Consider that your behavior leads also back to the hole VA.


3.1) Landingrate has to be 700fpm or less. In case you exeed this value with an aceptable reason, please leave a comment in the PIREP and contact the Staff directly.

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