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OEO-VFR Iceland (MSFS) Download
OEO-VFR Iceland (MSFS)
File Description:
VFR-Tour around Iceland. The accompanying tour in the tourcenter you can find here: Please note: The tool im using to do these trips is in beta still and sometimes its really hard to do things. Please excuse translation errors, TTS (Text-to-speech) errors or some other problems. It should be really flyable though. If not please dont hesitate to contact me in Blackbox711 Discord.
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Date added: 2021-02-03 | Downloaded 187 times.
Thailands Coastlines - I Download
Thailands Coastlines - I
File Description:
Bushflight for MSFS. Fly along the coastline from Bangkok to Pattaya. This is a single leg trip with 15 waypoints with lots of information about the area the trip covers. The next version will cover more legs. Extract the file on the desktop and place it into the community folder.
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