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Event Title: VATSIM EDDK/LEBB Groupflight
Begin: 25.08.2019 18:00z
Until: 25.08.2019 22:00z
Allowed Aircraft: ALL
Departure Airport(s): EDDK
Arrival Airport(s): LEBB

Welcome to the OneEngineOut VA event on VATSIM.

The flight takes us from Cologne/EDDK to the beautiful airport of Bilbao/LEBB. Departure is on the 25th of August, at 18:00 UTC.

Please use the callsign OEO/Windmill to help us keep the VATSIM VA status.

All flight simulators are of course allowed, also with standard sceneries. There is no need to buy any airport scenery addons! Looking very much forward to all of you flying along!

Happy Landings.

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

OEO25 EDDK (18:00) LEBB (20:00) A320 Book Flight

Attending Pilots

OEO532 Michael W EDDK 18:00 LEBB
OEO536 Ted Barker EDDK 18:00 LEBB
OEO622 Adrian Berger EDDK 18:00 LEBB
OEO522 Captain Blackbox EDDK 18:00 LEBB
OEO693 Christian Erkens EDDK 18:00 LEBB
Guest Adrian Berger EDDK 18:00 LEBB