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Flight Details for OEC561

Flight Info:
Flight Number: OEC561
Aircraft: B748
Registration: D-ABYZ
From: Brussels Airport (EBBR)
Sched. Deptime: Time
To: Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM)
Sched. Arrtime: Time
Time Reimaining: N/A
Total Distance: 600 NM
Distance Remaining: 601 NM
Planned Altitude: 39000 ft
Altitude: 198 ft
Ground Speed: 17 kts
Heading: 19
Status: Taxiing to Runway
Last Update: 2019-05-19 15:37:19
Client: smartCARS
Planned Route: Actual Route:

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID: OEO547
Pilot: Alex Mustermann
Rank: Fleet Captain
Location: Germany  Germany
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8F
Registration: D-ABYZ
Pax Capacity: 4
Range: 4120

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