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Two new tours available

Hey guys,

there are two new tours available for you to fly!

  1. fly VFR from Cologne to Paro!!
    please use a small prop aircraft for this tour!
    Some Airports are pretty difficult, for example Lukla and the destination Paro, but some other as well.
    You need a STOL aircraft like Twin Otter, DO228 or other for this!
  2. I was inspired by the Airline Binter Canarias in my holiday to create a nice tour around the canary-Islands and the cape verde islands.
    this airline is based in Gran Canary, to the flights always return to their hub.
    This tour is made for the Dash-8, but you can use other aircraft if you like!

Posted By: Burkhard Bickmann (2019-01-29 23:40:57)


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