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OEO-VFR Iceland


Added another MSFS-trip to OEO Tours. Iceland, with 12 legs this time (German & English only).

This time i added the Tour in tourcenter aswell so you can use that to get an OEO-Award if flying with smartcars. There is no auto-award though, you have to contact me for the badge.

As ive written in the description, the tool im using is beta still and gives me constant headache when creating the trips. If there are problems with translation, TTS or something else please excuse that, ive tried in many hours to "fix" those but... yeah. And contact me if someone has a serious problem.


Tour in Tourcenter:

Suggested addon for Iceland (full island overhaul)

Posted By: Alex Mustermann (2021-02-03 22:44:59)


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